Quadex® OneGun I&I Guard® Cartridges (Case of 6)

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Quadex I&I Guard® is quick response dual component hydrophobic polyurethane with a 1 – 3 second reaction time. It is designed to stop rapid water flow (up to 50 GPM) leaking from concrete or other underground structures. Since I&I Guard is hydrophobic, it will not shrink, contains no VOCs and requires no special breathing apparatus or other PPE.

Recommended For
o Water inflow and infiltration control in manholes, vaults and other concrete, brick or stone structures, above or below grade.

Cartridge Sizes
o 300 ml x 300 ml Cartridge
o 600 ml x 600 ml Cartridge

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Cartridge Sizes

300 ml x 300 ml Cartridge, 600 ml x 600 ml Cartridge

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