Quadex® OneGun Flex Guard®-FM Cartridges (Case of 6)

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Flex Guard®-FM is a flexible fiber reinforced epoxy mastic for application on metal and concrete substrates, cracks or joints that experience movement. With a 100-150% elongation is it ideal for freeze/thaw and structures that experience temperature fluctuation.

Application Method
o For best results, Flex Guard-FM should be applied with a putty knife or trowel, depending on the voids to be filled or covered.

Recommended For
o Joints
o Gaps
o Cracks
o Holes

Features and Benefits
o Fiber reinforced
o Flexible, 100-150% elongation
o Quick cure time

Cartridge Size
o 600 ml x 600 ml
Sold by the case (6 per case) Cost per unit $75.

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