PipePatch 8″ Elbow Repair Packer

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PipePatch 8″ Elbow Repair Packer effectively repairs pipes and structures with 22°, 45° and 90° radial bends. The flow-thru packer can be pushed and pulled into place to create a wrinkle free liner without causing build ups during the repair, in main sewer lines and where transitional bends are typically inaccessible. Creating a smooth and professional finish, this elbow packer uses 100% fiberglass radial point pipe repair technology to ensure a permanent, quick and cost effective underground pipe repair while remaining completely environmentally friendly.

  • Repairs 8″ 22°, 45° and 90° elbow bends
  • No Dig, trenchless pipe repair
  • Creats smooth, professional finish
  • Radial point pipe repair technology

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.


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