PipePatch 2″ Elbow Packer

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The PipePatch 2″ Elbow Packer repairs  2″ pipes with  22°, 45° and 90° radial bends. With 100% fiberglass radial point pipe repair technology, this packer is able to structurally repair the bend while creating a smooth, professional finish. This flow-thru packer can be pushed or pulled into place to create a wrinkle-free liner without creating backups during the repair, even in places where transitional bends are typically inaccessible. PipePatch is cost effective, fast and environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for excavations.

Additional Information

  • 2″ elbow repair packer
  • Repairs 22°, 45° and 90° pipe bends
  • Creates smooth, structural repairs
  • Cures radius sewer fittings
  • Conforms to pipes exact shape

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.


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