Taper/Cylinder Milling Cutter – 1.969″ or 50 mm with Tungsten Carbide Tip


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Cutting Action
The cutting effect of BLACK•LINE tooling is provided by a PCD cutting edge which is tailor-designed for the application field at hand. This tooling is engineered to provide aggressive cutting behavior with rapid volume removal.

Materials to be processed

  • CIPP
  • PVC

Field of application

  • Opening of laterals and inlet lines
Article Data
d: 1.969″
h: 2.362″
Segments: Irregular
Weight: 1.102 lbs
d: 50 mm
h: 60 mm
Segments: Irregular
Weight: 0,5 Kg

 Opening and finishing of laterals
Note: Not made for reinforced concrete!

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs

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