Schwalm TALPA 1330

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Adaptable to many Picote tools, Schwalm robots can deliver turnkey grinding and cleaning solutions in addition to their cutting, patching and lateral reinstatement capabilities.


  • Milling of concrete, ceramics, organic substances, plastics
  • Abrasive cutting: cut out protruding obstacles
  • Cleaning with specialized brushes, high-pressure jetters
  • Maneuvers and positions lateral connection packers
  • Compression plugs for sealing of inoperative lateral lines
  • Reinstatement of CIPP

Primary line rehab with short liner segments – Accessible I.D. range: 5.5 – 12in

Rehab of lateral connections with lined seals – Accessible I.D. range: 3.5 – 6in


The Schwalm TALPA 1330 is designed and engineered for 6-12 inch pipes.


  • Talpa 1330 Version 7 with MiNa (Focus) Camera
  • Air Motor 2060 with Accessories
  • Air Motor 1330 with Accessories
  • Digital Control Unit 19″ Rack Version with OSD
  • Vehicle Mounted Remote Control for Forward/Backward Moving
  • Schwalm Automatic Cable Reel, 200m Cable
  • Schwalm THR, Air/Water Assembly, 500 Feet Air/Water Hose
  • TFT Monitor 15″
  • Piranha Cutter Head, Small Ball form 2″-
  • Mushroom Cutter Head Large 3,75″
  • Mushroom Cutter Head Small 2,75″
  • Carbide Wheels for 1330
  • Camera MiNa w/ Transport Case

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