PipePatch Rapid 6″ x 48″ Resin Kit

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The new PipePatch Rapid kit has been developed to meet the demands of our customers and the industry. At Source One Environmental, we’re constantly striving to develop a product range that makes our customers’ lives easier. PipePatch’s kits are engineered to ensure guess- free work, with all component parts included, such as protective work surface, protective gloves, cut-to-size fiberglass mat, packer protection sleeves, tie secures, spreader and now, the new two-part ready to mix rapid resin bag. The rapid resin cures in approximately 30 minutes, meaning PipePatch no-dig pipe repairs can be completed quicker than ever. At 68F, the working time is 6-7 minutes, with a cure time of approximately 30 minutes.

  • Two-Part ready to mix resin bag
  • Packer protection sleeves
  • Protective hand gloves
  • Fiberglass mat
  • Protective ground sheet
  • Resin spreader
  • Cable ties
  • Tape

Additional Information

  • 6″ x 48″ PipePatch Rapid resin kits
  • Pre-measured resin and consumables
  • Cures in approximately 30 minutes
  • Working time for 6-7 minutes
  • Ideal for experienced PipePatch installers
  • CIPP trenchless point repair technology
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Lowers labor costs

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.

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