PipePatch 8″ Elbow Summer Resin Kit

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The PipePatch 8″ elbow summer resin kit utilizes a point pipe repair method to repair radial and elbow pipes. This kitted system creates a smooth and professional finish without changing the pipes structural integrity. Utilizing a fiberglass and resin material, the kit creates a pipe within a pipe to ensure a permanent, quick and cost effective repair.

  • Elbow fiberglass mat
  • Part Resin
  • Part Hardener
  • Packer protection sleeve
  • Electrician’s tape roll
  • Protective wrap
  • Work surface
  • Spreading spatula
  • Disposable gloves
  • Green wire ties

Additional Information

  • 8″ summer elbow resin kit
  • Radial point pipe repair technology
  • Repairs 22°, 45° and 90° bends
  • Creates smooth, professional finish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • PipePatch repair system

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