PipePatch 6″-10″ x 48″ Flow Thru Packer

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PipePatch’s No Dig repair system the 6″-10″ Repair Packer effectively eliminates infiltration with a CIPP process that utilizes a process to create a pipe within a pipe without changing the original diameter. The flow thru packer allows the underground system to continue operating during the repair. This system is ideal because it cuts out the need for costly and timely excavations. With PipePatch, you will be able to repair an underground infrastructure system in less than a day for a fraction of the cost.

  • Use with 48″ PipePatch kit
  • No Dig, trenchless PipePatch product
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates pipe leakage and infiltration
  • Fast cure time

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.

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