PipePatch 24″ x 24″ Summer Resin Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • Two-Part ready to mix resin bag: the resin consists of two components which are separated by a sealing clip and are mixed by simply removing the clip and kneading the two parts together. The transparent bag shows that the two resins are thoroughly mixed when a uniform color is achieved.
  • Packer protection sleeves (2)
  • Protective hand gloves
  • Fiberglass mat
  • Protective ground sheet
  • Resin spreader
  • Cable ties
  • Tape

Additional Information

  • 24″ x 24″ PipePatch resin kits
  • Pre-measured resin and consumables
  • Fast installation and cure time
  • CIPP trenchless technology
  • Structural wastewater and storm drain pipe repairs

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.

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Standard Diameter 3” – 24", Large Diameter 24" – 48"

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