PipePatch ½” Fast Fill Regulator

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The ½” Fast Fill Air Regulator is designed to only be used in conjunction with the PipePatch Pillow System. The air regulator is used to regulate the air pressure that is delivered to the packer. Air regulators are pre-set to avoid over-pressurization, protecting the packer and pipe. Each air regulator comes equipped with detailed instructions.

  • 0-30 PSI Air Regulator
  • ONLY used for PipePatch Pillow System
  • “Chicago style” air fitting and ‘towable air compressor” air supply
  • Protects PipePatch packer and pipe from over-pressurization
  • Delivers air pressure to packer

PipePatch Installers only can see price and order.


½” Fast Fill Assembly Data Sheet
PipePatch Mini Flyer

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