MiMoZo Zoom Camera with Transport Case


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The MiMoZo is a compact zoom camera equipped with a high-resolution CCD sensor.

The already clearly contoured pictures that the MiNa transmits from the channel to the control desk are surpassed many times over by the MiMoZo thanks to its zoom lens.

It is a useful supplement to our standard model MiNa and due to its 10x optical zoom it is perfect for careful examination of damage or in order to position HutlinerPackers®.

Technical data
Zoom camera – MiMoZo (PAL or NTSC)

  • Sensor: SONY HAD CCD
  • Resolution: 530 TV lines
  • Electronic shutter: automatic or manual (switchable)
  • Zoom: Tenfold optical
  • Focus: automatic or manual (switchable)
  • Illumination: LED technology
  • Swivel function: +/- 135° (backward view), wear-free slip clutch
  • Water-proof: pressure passively monitored at 3 psi; LED indicator light
  • Interchangeable camera principle: Installation on the robot in just a few steps

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