SealGuard II Polyurethane Grout Pump Flush 5-Gallon Pail

Code: SG-SG005


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SealGuard II is a polyurethane grout designed for high inflows in precast, cement or brick underground infrastructure to effectively seal active infiltration and leakage in large or small fractures. Applied directly into the flowing water, SealGuard stops infiltration immediately within 3 seconds. Ideal for manholes, meter pits, culverts, bunds or concrete structures in need of a leak-free-free, long-term seal.

  • Patented design
  • 5-Gallon pail
  • Cure flow-rates up to 3 LPS
  • Injects into the finest of fractures
  • Reconstitution, even in flowing water
  • 13,700 PSI compression strength
  • Cures within minutes


SealGuard II Flyer
SealGuard II Installation Instructions