GreyCoat Epoxy Spot Repair Bulk, 2 Buckets


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GreyCoat Epoxy is a premium 100% solids epoxy that offers outstanding chemical resistance and lasting durability with adhesion to concrete substrates and metal surfaces. Prepackaged as a no mess plural component coating system that offers excellent shrink-resistance, the bucket can handle up to six different repairs or be combined for larger applications. SC-POX is excellent for rehabilitating a manhole bench or structural spot repair and builds up to ¼ inch (250 mils) without sag to exceed demanding engineered specifications. GreyCoat Epoxy is designed for structural repair of manholes, wet wells, vaults or any structure. GreyCoat Epoxy will protect against H2S and other chemicals and gases found in the sanitary sewer system. Primarily used to repair damaged concrete, GreyCoat Epoxy also has superior adhesion to metal.

  • Includes 2 mixing buckets
  • Patent pending delivery method
  • Bulk packaging allows for more or larger repairs
  • Designed for all structural repairs
  • Protects aganist H2S and other chemicals and gases
  • Applied on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • 100% solid monolithic structural epoxy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Superior adhesion in dam humid areas and surfaces

Coverage per Bag

  • 18 sq. ft.

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