• Quad-Plug™ – Hydraulic Water Stop Cement

    Quad-Plug™ is a blend of special cements and admixtures which are designed to instantly stop running water or seepage in all types of concrete and masonry structures.

    • Stops running water immediately
    • Non-shrink, expands as it sets
    • Contains no calcium chloride
    • Non-metallic
    • Sulfate resistant
    • No mixing
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  • QM-1s Restore™ – Manhole Liner Cement

    QM-1s™ Restore is a single component, high strength, fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensated cement mortar enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate. QM-1s™ was designed to structurally repair deteriorated metal, concrete and masonry structures. QM-1s™ delivers a monolithic onepass vertical surface application up to three inches in thickness by low pressure spraying or centrifugally casting.

    • Fully Structural
    • Quality controlled one-component blend for uniform results
    • High early and ultimate compressive, flexural and bond strengths
    • Resistant to sulfate attack
    • Low permeability
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  • Quadex® Hyperform™ – Rapid Set Patching Cement

    Quadex Hyperform™ is a one component, rapid setting, high early strength patching material designed for repairing vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry structures. With invert lining, flow can be released with 25-30 minutes post mixing.

    • Rapid-setting
    • High early and ultimate strengths
    • Non-shrinking
    • No calcium chloride
    • Ready to use – just add water
    • Excellent resistance to freeze & thaw
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  • GeoKrete® – Structural Rehabilitation Mortar

    GeoKrete® is a proprietary factory blended, fiber-reinforced material enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate. It provides corrosion resistant protection in high hydrogen sulfide environments, increases structural integrity and stops the infiltration of ground water in deteriorated structures.

    • High measures of quality control
    • Higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability
    • Liner can be applied in layers under multiple mobilizations
    • Easily navigates pipe deformities, deep pipes, pipe bends, non- round pipes, slopes and separated joints
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